Don’t Forget Your Code!

If you have a special discount code for EBD, we want to make sure you claim it. We created the short video below (it’s literally 38 seconds long!) to show you how to do that. Log in to your EBD Dashboard. (The video shows this too!) Click Subscription. Click Update Payment Method. Click the “Have […]

Solar Panels: Let the Sun Shine!

We’ve got exciting news. We’ve added a new building “prop” to the Easy Building Designer: Solar panels!  When your customers access your branded Easy Building Designer, they’ll see a new option added to the Props Menu. Click on the Rooftop Solar Tab, select the style of solar panel desired, and place it on the building […]

“Let Me Know When You Can Do Post Frame”

“I wish you had timber as an option.” “Can I use this to let people design wood frame buildings?” “What about wood?” “Are there plans to add post frame?” “Let me know when you have timber.” To everyone who liked Easy Building Designer but wished it had post frame… your wish has come true. Easy […]

Set Up Made Easy: Two Quick Tutorials

Signing up for Easy Building Designer is easy, and no credit card is required. Your 3D designer will be live as soon as you enter your company’s information and upload your logo. But before you add that link to your company website, you’ll want to review the options available to you on the EBD Dashboard. […]

Tracking Conversion Events The Easy (Building Designer) Way

Steel Buildings made easy with Easy Building Designer.

If you’re using an ad service other than Google for your business, we have good news. The Easy Building Designer can now help you track when users your EBD web page create and submit quotes using Google Tag Manager and Conversion Events. What is Tag Manager? Google Tag Manager was created to allow users who […]

Claim Your Free Trial

We know that once you start using Easy Building Designer you won’t look back. If you want to try it for free for the first month, let us know and we will get you a discount code that you can use straight away!