“Let Me Know When You Can Do Post Frame”

“I wish you had timber as an option.”

“Can I use this to let people design wood frame buildings?”

“What about wood?”

“Are there plans to add post frame?”

“Let me know when you have timber.”

To everyone who liked Easy Building Designer but wished it had post frame… your wish has come true.

Easy Building Designer can now be used to generate leads for red iron, cold formed and POST FRAME buildings.

Simply login to your Dashboard, go to Building Settings, and under Building Type, select Post Frame.

Your 3D lead generator will now show a wood-framed structure when your customers design their buildings. You’ll receive leads, as normal, and you can use your preferred estimating software to plug in their specs and generate a price.

Post Frame was number one on our list of most requested updates for Easy Building Designer. It’s here, just in time for 2024, and we’re only getting started.

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