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If you sell steel buildings, you need this.

Sell More Buildings

Connect a custom branded, online building designer to your website. Allow your customers to design their dream building straight on your website.

Save time. Get better leads. Sell more buildings!

Save Time.
Get Better Leads.

Sell More Buildings.


A Complete Lead Generation Tool, Ready for You Today

Help your clients design their dream buildings straight from your website with our Easy Building Designer. By adding a link to your Easy Building Designer to your website, you’ll receive better quality leads, save time, and create an incredibly seamless experience for your clients.

Cloud Based

Securely stored and accessible from any device. Easily save designs and re-access later.

Customize Templates

Add your own building template styles to the designer which tailors the system to your users even further!


Seamlessly push custom building designs to a quote and close sales faster. All the information you need.

Detailed Quoting Info

Know exactly what you're quoting on and all the information you need to get a quote or proposal done fast!

Mobile Friendly

Designed to make designing a building easy for your customers no matter which device they are on!

All Platforms

Supported by MacOS, Windows and Linux. Whatever your device, our designer is ready to go!

Immediately Increase Your Brand Credibility Online

White-Labelled So Your Brand is the Hero

Our Easy Building Designer is designed to make YOUR business the hero. Your customers will see YOUR brand and logo throughout the whole process which in turn will build the credibility of your brand and impress upon them the quality of your business.

Simply upload your logo and choose your primary color. You are ready to go! Easy!

Use the Live Demo and have an example lead sent to you now!


Hear from some of our users

Our company has been using Easy Building Designer since April 2020, and we have found that more than 90% of our leads come through Easy Building Designer.
We give Easy Building Designer a rating of 5 stars for its performance and its impact on our business. We would highly recommend this tool.
The leads we received through Easy Building Designer are more qualified than other leads and compared to other online designers, which also vary in quality.
With the Easy Building Designer, we saw an immediate increase in not only the quantity of leads that came through, but also in quality.
Get Your Online Designer Today

How to Get Started

1. Complete Registration

Click the link below to sign your business up to the Easy Building Designer.

2. Add Your Branding

Upload your logo and select your colors. These will be used to create your own branded designer.

3. Add to Your Website

Add a link to your custom online designer to your website so you clients can start designing today!

Take Advantage of Our Cancel-Anytime Guarantee

Our Goal is to Help You Sell More Buildings

Get Your First Month Free!

5-Star Average Review
$ 299 Monthly - USD
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Available Now (5 minute setup)
  • Cancel Anytime

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