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'More than 90% of our leads come through Easy Building Designer'

Easy Building Designer is the ultimate tool to grow your business. It is so powerful that our clients don’t want to disclose their identity in hopes of preventing their competition from jumping on board! But with the quality of leads they are receiving, and a huge conversion rate jump, you can see why they want to keep this tool all to themselves!

Sales Increased 63%

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Issues Faced

Before implementing Easy Building Designer into their business, our client was constantly getting burnt with their lead generation funnel, having customers that wouldn’t follow through or took months to make decisions that would end up backing away. Customers they were able to convert would only do so after spending weeks in the sales pipeline, going back and forth between plans and figures. Needless to say it was a tiresome process that brought back average results for the amount of time and effort that was poured into them.

Further, this business found it difficult to contact prospects during work hours, whereby potential clients wouldn’t answer the phone while at work, and would switch it off after the day was over. If a prospect was interested, the design process was slow moving due to all the necessary back and forth emails and text messages every time a change needed to be made. 

The Solution

Use Easy Building Designer in their business


With the Easy Building Designer, our client saw an immediate increase in not only the quantity of leads that came through, but also in quality. Unlike other designers, Easy Building Designer allows customers to customise templates, add props, make scale changes and even add mezzanine floors. The build process is fully customisable to the point where customers feel completely engaged with the process, turning themselves from cold to hot leads within 30 minutes of designing. 

Further, implementing Easy Building Designer to their website, our client was able to successfully contact prospects as they can access the designer at all times and are able to make changes without first seeking approval. In fact, around 20% of clients wouldn’t need a point of contact until after the design was complete, while the remaining 80% were only seeking approval and took little time to convert. This saved both parties hours in back and forth communication. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, just follow the link to our demo designer on our website. This will give you a great understanding of how the software is to use before you look to get started.

No, we have a cancel anytime policy. Simply send us an email at and our team will assist you. 

No it will not. We host the designer on our servers. All you need to do is have a link on your website to the custom designer with your branding, and the designer will be linked to your website. 

Once you are signed up, all the leads that are generated through your Easy Building Designer will do directly to whichever email address you nominate. There is no double handling or delays in getting you the lead.

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