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Easy Building Designer has been built with your clients in mind so it is as simple and easy as possible for them to design a building to purchase from you. It’s packed with advanced features to aid the building design process, yet simple enough for pen and paper operators to use.

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Easy To Use

Easy Building Designer has been carefully designed so that no matter who is using it, it is easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert in building design to use the designer and create a great building. 

The platform is simple to learn and easy to operate thanks to the simplified layout, easy controls, and clear navigation. In a matter of minutes you can become a master of designing custom buildings. Your client will love using it.

Responsive Across All Platforms And Devices

Whether at home or on the road, Easy Building Designer is accessible to every client and business. Our intuitive designer has been optimized for mobile phones and tablets so your client will have access to their designs wherever they may be on any device 24/7. The Easy Building Designer is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. 

Saved To The Cloud So You Never Lose Progress

Your clients’ designs are saved securely online in EBD’s cloud-based platform so they can be accessed across any platform at a later date. If you accidentally close a browser or your phone battery dies, no problem! Easy Building Designer automatically saves the design every few minutes so you and your client will never lose a project. Clients can even have multiple designs going at once so they can work on multiple projects easily.

Add Mezzanine Flooring To Your Building

Most building designers focus on the exterior but pay little attention to how the interior will be used. With Easy Building Designer, your clients have the ability to add free standing mezzanine floors to the inside of their designs. Combining the mezzanine flooring options with the props available in the designer gives your clients greater insight into how their building will look and operate.

Props To Assist Scale And Add Some Fun

In traditional virtual building designers, it can be difficult to grasp the scale of a design, leaving the possibility that the design is smaller or larger than originally anticipated. To fix this issue, we added props! Adding props to a design helps your clients visualize the scale of their building. They can add trucks, tractors, cars, solar panels, giving them a realistic view of what the final product will look like. Easy Building Designer also includes accurate and responsive scale measurements, empowering the designer makes real time changes that update every time you alter the building design. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, just follow the link to our demo designer on our website. This will give you a great understanding of how the software is to use before you look to get started.

No, we have a cancel anytime policy. Simply send us an email at support@easybuildingdesigner.com and our team will assist you. 

No it will not. We host the designer on our servers. All you need to do is have a link on your website to the custom designer with your branding, and the designer will be linked to your website. 

Once you are signed up, all the leads that are generated through your Easy Building Designer will do directly to whichever email address you nominate. There is no double handling or delays in getting you the lead.

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