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Increase your productivity, boost your conversion rate and simplify your sales process with Easy Building Designer. Generate better quality leads than ever before and spend less time on the phone trying to arrange meetings, working through building revisions or preparing quotes. Let Easy Building Designer do all the heavy lifting and reap the benefits in your business.

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High Quality Leads Means More Conversions

With Easy Building Designer, the leads you receive will be better than ever. Clients that are able to visualise, customise and design their building before they even make contact with you are more invested in the purchase of the building and will be more likely to go ahead with the sale. With the use of Easy Building Designer on your website will save you hours of sales calls and meetings, with clients ready to go ahead with little to no contact from you. This greatly reduces the time clients spend in the sales process and will increase your conversion rate. 

When clients do reach out for support, or want to finalise the deal, they will be more engaged and eager to listen as they have already visualised their building. You don’t have to initiate any pushy sales meetings, and your clients won’t feel pressured into purchasing something they aren’t sure of. Best of all, all the time they have invested in the building will be with you and your company which dramatically reduces price-shopping. 

With Easy Building Designer, you’ll have more highly qualified and better quality leads than ever before!

Quick And Easy Quotation And Proposal Creation

It has never been easier to send a proposal or quote a project than with Easy Building Designer. Once a client has completed their design, the measurements and materials are clearly sent through to your email so you can price each area correctly the first time. The design can be easily added to the proposal or quote so your client knows exactly what they are receiving. You’ll never have to spend hours quoting a project again with Easy Building Designer! 

Have Your Clients Design 24/7

It can be difficult to get in touch with clients during business hours, and even more strenuous to get them to sit down on a designer during their working day. With Easy Building Designer, your clients have complete access to the designer 24/7, so you don’t have to contact them during business hours. Further, they are able to design freely without needing to contact you every 5 minutes. With Easy Building Designer, you and your clients will save hours of time while still creating buildings that they are in love with!

White Labelled With Your Brand

We make your brand the hero. Impress your clients with the quality of your business systems with the ability to fully white-label Easy Building Designer to match your brand. You can add your logos, colours and other branding assets throughout the designer so your customers are always aware of you and your brand during the build. This makes it easy to match the designer to your website or landing page theme, and present your own brand as consistently and cohesively as possible. 

Customisable Templates

Whereas some designers only allow you to choose from a small number of basic templates, Easy Building Designer allows you to create your own building and save it as a template for later use. There is no limit to how many templates you can create, so your clients can reuse popular templates and make unique changes necessary for each individual project, rather than having to create a new design for every build. 

Easy Building Designer also offers a wide range of premade templates, from small gables to large industrial buildings, which you can customise to match your needs. 

Add Lean To's

Easy Building Designer allows for the addition of lean to’s in your building design, providing your clients with a relatively inexpensive shelter option. Due to the amount of value lean to’s add to a building for space management and shelter capabilities, it is imperative that the designer has them included. Further, lean to’s are fully customisable in Easy Building Designer, so you can adjust the height, length, roof type and attach the lean to to any side of your building. This allows your clients to craft a design that fully matches their needs with no compromise on performance. 

Size Changes Made Simple

With Easy Building Designer, your clients can design buildings of all shapes and sizes. Even after a design has been finalised, you are still able to make changes to the scale, so you don’t have to spend time redesigning if there is a change to the measurements. Scale changes can also be made to specific features inside the designer, whether you need to change the size of a door, window, lean to or any other aspect of your design.  

Easy To Add To Your Website

Once fully white labelled, Easy Building Designer can be added to your website with ease and with just a few clicks. The designer is lightweight and won’t affect your website responsiveness or load speed. If you are unsure how to add any code to your website, our team of developers can assist you so please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, just follow the link to our demo designer on our website. This will give you a great understanding of how the software is to use before you look to get started.

No, we have a cancel anytime policy. Simply send us an email at support@easybuildingdesigner.com and our team will assist you. 

No it will not. We host the designer on our servers. All you need to do is have a link on your website to the custom designer with your branding, and the designer will be linked to your website. 

Once you are signed up, all the leads that are generated through your Easy Building Designer will do directly to whichever email address you nominate. There is no double handling or delays in getting you the lead.

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