Case Study #2

'The More Time Clients Spent Designing Their Building, The More We Got The Job.'

The addition of Easy Building Designer in your sales process will significantly increase not only the amount of leads your business will receive, but also the quality of each lead. Say goodbye to the constant battle of converting cold leads, and be refreshed with conversations that you can close. Hear the results from another business who now swears by Easy Building Designer to generate high quality leads.  

'We Give Easy Building Designer 5 Starts for Performance and Customer Satisfaction.'

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Issues Faced

Like many other businesses across the country, this company was facing an all too common pain point: generating good leads that convert without spending hours consulting. Prior to Easy Building Designer, it was a timely process on and off the phone to convert prospects into paying customers. Business owners and builders are busy, so it was difficult to arrange meetings or calls that fit everyone’s schedule. Therefore the solution needed to save time in the sales process while still managing to generate high quality leads that convert. 

The Solution

Introducing Easy Building Designer Into The Sales Process! 


Fast forward a few months, this company now sees 65% of their leads come through Easy Building Designer, where it has been added to their website and branded with their colours and logos. Of these leads, 80% are high quality.  Customers spend more time onsite designing, keeping them engaged throughout the sales process. Conversion rates are now upwards of 70%, and continuing to increase every month. 

With this solution, customers can now design their dream buildings either at home or on the road, at whatever time suits them. More importantly, there is no longer the need for constant communication during the design process. They can design and submit a building with the click of a button and receive a quote straight to their inbox. Even during consultations, customers are often bringing designs with them on their devices, resulting in better conversations and stronger outcomes. 

For the business, Easy Building Designer means less effort spent guiding customers through the sales funnel, and allows for more focus on closing deals. Overall, Easy Building Designer has been successful in growing this business by saving time and generating high quality leads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, just follow the link to our demo designer on our website. This will give you a great understanding of how the software is to use before you look to get started.

No, we have a cancel anytime policy. Simply send us an email at and our team will assist you. 

No it will not. We host the designer on our servers. All you need to do is have a link on your website to the custom designer with your branding, and the designer will be linked to your website. 

Once you are signed up, all the leads that are generated through your Easy Building Designer will do directly to whichever email address you nominate. There is no double handling or delays in getting you the lead.

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