Steeling Bourbon: The New Trend in Rickhouses

Using steel buildings to age bourbon.

Drive through the hills of Kentucky and in between the horse farms you’ll see the rickhouses, massive wooden structures housing thousands of barrels of bourbon. No one makes bourbon like they do in Kentucky. The limestone springs provide the perfectly purified water that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.  Look a little closer, […]

A Steel Home for Your Steel Cage Matches

A steel building is the perfect home for pro wrestling!

After years and years of long car rides, sleepless nights, and living with chronic pain, your day has finally arrived. First came All Elite Wrestling. Then came the OVW documentary Wrestlers on Netflix. And then, all the movies about the legends of the past.  Yes, pro wrestling vet, the time has come to open that […]

A Home for Your Winged Beauty

When adventure is in the air, there’s only one pilot to call. You were the only flier with the guts to get in and out of the jungle air strip when the local archaeologist went in search of the lost temple in Peru. You were the only one daring enough to drop that counter-terrorist agent […]

“Let Me Know When You Can Do Post Frame”

“I wish you had timber as an option.” “Can I use this to let people design wood frame buildings?” “What about wood?” “Are there plans to add post frame?” “Let me know when you have timber.” To everyone who liked Easy Building Designer but wished it had post frame… your wish has come true. Easy […]

Dear Santa: Got Steel?

Dear Santa, It’s me, Andy from Easy Building Designer. You may remember me from many years ago. Back then I wrote letters to you and paid visits to you in my wide-eyed attempts to make all my dreams come true. These days I just use MasterCard, but I wanted to drop you a line because, […]

A Garage Tony Stark Would Envy

Some people collect toys. Not like your toys, of course. They’re busy restoring the plastic classic of the 1980s: the V.A.M.P. Mark II, the Cobra H.I.S.S., and all those transforming robots you left behind in mom and dad’s attic.  People who treasure the Dreadnok Thunder Machine and the Constructicons do not need a full-sized garage […]

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