A Home for Your Winged Beauty

When adventure is in the air, there’s only one pilot to call. You were the only flier with the guts to get in and out of the jungle air strip when the local archaeologist went in search of the lost temple in Peru. You were the only one daring enough to drop that counter-terrorist agent behind enemy lines in Eastern Europe. And when the rich socialite was taken hostage by that cyber terror group in Quebec, it was your idea to come in low from the North to execute that daring rescue. 

Your trusty plane saw you through all these adventures. It survived anti-aircraft fire, hurricanes, and that unexplained aerial phenomena over New Mexico. She may be old and gritty, but she took care of you. So when it came time to provide a home for her, you chose steel. 

Sure, there were less expensive options you could have chosen for your baby’s hangar. But you made the smart call. You went with steel for all the right reasons. 

Steel hangars provide superior protection from the elements. Rugged though she may be, your baby is far more delicate than the Humvee you drive through the jungles of Brazil. Strong winds, hail, and other forms of severe weather can wreak havoc on lesser building materials, not to mention your plane. The shelter offered by a steel building cannot be matched. 

Steel also provides added security. True, you chose that top of the line alarm system with the infrared cameras, but the solid steel construction of your hangar offers its own built in protection from theft, vandalism, and worst of all… sabotage! 

And while a wooden hangar offers that vintage, “Tales of the Gold Monkey” feel your steel hangar can’t quite match, it’s a lot less maintenance than a wood-framed structure. Steel is more resistant to mold and mildew, and it’s much more durable than wood. You’ll spend less time doing maintenance on your steel hangar and more time adding those special modifications for your next mission. Smoke screen, anyone? 

Your two-winged beauty took care of you. That’s why you built her a nest made of steel. Cold-formed or red iron, your steel hangar will keep her looking sharp and ready to fly, so when the call comes in to dive bomb that illegal whaling vessel in the Pacific, she’ll be ready to soar. 

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