Dear Santa: Got Steel?

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Andy from Easy Building Designer. You may remember me from many years ago. Back then I wrote letters to you and paid visits to you in my wide-eyed attempts to make all my dreams come true. These days I just use MasterCard, but I wanted to drop you a line because, after all the years of receiving, I feel the need to give back. 

I’m in the steel building business, Santa. No, I don’t sell them myself. But my clients use this really amazing, online 3D lead generator that allows them to design buildings and send them to the people who sell them. Steel has so many applications when it comes to buildings, and as I was pulling decorations out of the attic this week, I couldn’t help thinking of you. 

You need a steel building, Santa. 

Matter of fact, you could use a few steel buildings. 

You have a manufacturing operation that absolutely boggles the mind. All the toys you must make! All the trends you must follow! All the space you must need to contain raw materials, manufacturing equipment, and finished goods! 

A red iron building is the perfect solution. With their giant, welded trusses, they can span great distances, giving your work force the wide open bays they need do their job efficiently. 

But that’s not all. You need a smaller building nearby, a shiny, galvanized, cold-formed steel beauty to house the reindeer. Farmers and ranchers love the flexibility and strength they get from cold formed steel. It’s ideal for horses and other livestock, and your reindeer will love it as well. Plus, you can set that eave line a bit higher than a normal pole barn so Dasher and the gang won’t bang their heads (horns?) if they get a bit jumpy. 

A high eave line on a galvanized, cold-formed building is a must when housing reindeer who can fly.

While you’re at it – and please, share this part with Mrs. Claus – you can also design a lovely, all steel barndominium! I can only imagine how many times you’ve had to repair and rebuild the house you and the little lady share up at the North Pole due to the weather. A cold formed steel barndo will last many more years than wood in the elements, and you can kit out the inside to be as cozy as you like. 

I could touch on so many more benefits of steel buildings: the ease of construction; the strength against snowloads and the elements; the way it keeps you warm and cozy once it’s insulated; the way it keeps you off the naughty list because you’re building with recyclable material. 

But who am I kidding? You’re Santa. You know just as much about “big boy” toys as you ever did He-Man, GI Joe, and all their pals. 

You see when we’re sleeping. You know when we’re awake. You know the value of steel. 

And you know, I’ll be expecting some good bourbon under my tree on December 25. 

Cordially yours, 


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