Courts of Steel: Your Ultimate Pickleball Destination

What started as a grass roots craze has turned mainstream. It’s infiltrating our public parks. It’s going corporate. Every day, more facilities are being retrofitted or built from the ground up to accommodate the demand. 

It’s Pickleball. 

Some would say it’s a smaller version of tennis. Others call it supersized ping pong. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. Pickleball requires a court smaller than tennis, only 44 feet long by 20 feet wide. It requires a racquet larger than that used in ping pong, and it uses a hard, plastic ball that resembles a wiffleball. Pickleball can be played by two players or two pairs of players. And it can be played indoors, which means you can still keep playing if the weather is bad. 

What makes Pickleball unique makes steel buildings uniquely suited for Pickleball facilities?

Large span frames. Whether you go with red iron or cold formed, steel buildings can give you the clearance you need to accommodate multiple courts under one roof. Cold formed structures can easily span 50-60 feet, and red iron can span even longer. Pickleball is hardly an aerial sport, so you don’t need your eave line to be very high, but you can still provide elevated ceilings thanks to the strength of steel. 

Foundation. Steel buildings are engineered to sit on a hard slab, giving you the solid surface needed for a sport like Pickleball. You can cover or paint the concrete to give your courts the desired look. 

You hear that? While people disagree on whether Pickleball is more like tennis or ping pong, there’s one thing that is undeniable. It has a sound all its own. The distinct pop of a pickleball on the pickleball racquet is truly one of a kind. Now imagine how good that popping sound will be echoing and vibrating off the steel walls of your steel Pickleball facility! No? Not into the sound? That’s okay. You can use insulation and sound-dampening materials to keep the noise from becoming too maddening.  

Interior finish. Steel buildings use steel frames and steel paneling on the exterior roof and walls, providing strength and security from the elements. But the interior design? That’s entirely up to you. You can add any type of paneling on the walls and roof. You can add a lean-to or an extra bay to accommodate a pro shop, a concession stand, locker rooms, restroom facilities, and more. 

Curb appeal. “Is it a warehouse? Is it a barn?” Sounds like the tennis/ ping pong argument, doesn’t it? Steel building manufacturers offer a variety of colors you can use to create an exterior look that really pops. People will take notice when your steel building gets erected. When they see the sign go up, they’re going to wonder, “Is Pickleball really that popular? And is it fun?” Next thing you know they’re walking in the door, ready to rent a court and some equipment to find out for themselves. 

A sport as unique as Pickleball deserves a home that stands out. Steel buildings are the perfect solution to help you bring Pickleball to your neighborhood. Rain or shine, players will enjoy their favorite new sport in the comfort of your steel building.

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