A Steel Home for Your Steel Cage Matches

A steel building is the perfect home for pro wrestling!

After years and years of long car rides, sleepless nights, and living with chronic pain, your day has finally arrived. First came All Elite Wrestling. Then came the OVW documentary Wrestlers on Netflix. And then, all the movies about the legends of the past. 

Yes, pro wrestling vet, the time has come to open that training school. And let me tell you something, brother, there’s only one choice for you: steel. 

The Easy Building Designer gives you the perfect platform to dream big. In real time you can create the perfect environment to your wrestling school. A simple 30’ by 50’ building gives you room for a 16’ square ring in the front section with a 30’ x 20’ area in the back for your office, a weight room, and – if you feel generous – a restroom for your students. 

But why stop at the school? The best training for new wrestlers is to work in front of an audience. Steel can give you the space you need to add 200, 400, 1000, however many seats you need as well as added space next to your office for locker rooms. 

Can’t you see it now? The lights! The entrance ramp! The hard as a rock steel chairs set on wooden risers on all four sides of the ring! 

I almost forgot the best part. Remember how hard it was to climb to the top turnbuckle and do your signature 450 splash in the basement of the VFW? When you build new with steel, you can make that roof as high as you want. You can even add a mezzanine over the office and locker room area to house your video production unit and the hard camera for TV tapings. 

Steel provides a low maintenance facade that no-sells the elements like a grizzled veteran in the ring with a green as grass rookie. And with the large span open bays inside, you can all the amenities you desire: 

  • A kitchen and concession area! 
  • Room for tables so the wrestlers to sell gimmicks at intermission! 
  • A state of the art sound system! 
  • An older-but-still-works light rig that hangs nicely from the steel rafters! 
  • Heating and air conditioning. 

Wait – scratch heating and air. Just open the doors in the summer time and huddle everyone up in the winter. Because heating and air cost money! 

Steel is the answer to your pro wrestling dreams. Want to be the next OVW? The next Monster Factory? Easy Building Designer makes planning your ultimate wrestling arena easy!

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