Case Study – Midwest Erection and Fabrication

Nick Adams with Midwest Erection and Fabrication signed up with Easy Building Designer in 2022. We asked Nick to share some of his thoughts about EBD and how it’s impacted his business.

Here’s what Nick had to say.

How long have you been using EBD, and how did you find it?

I have been using EBD a little over a year! We found it when I was looking for something for my customers to be able to make their vision of their house plans come to reality. 

Why were you looking for an EBD-like product?

I was wanting my customers to be able to visually see their plans in a 3D rendering.

How many leads do you receive per week through EBD, and how do they compare to other leads you receive?

We receive about two to three a week on the average. If the customer takes the time to build their rendering and detail everything out, they are generally a more serious shopper and aren’t here to waste their time! 

Do you find that your customers are more engaged with the design process because of EBD?

Yes I do, because they can see their drawings in 3D.

How has EBD changed your interactions with customers? 

EBD gives me a better sense of what my customers are wanting prior to our first interaction. 

What do your customers say about EBD?

It’s a fun tool to play with! 

Has EBD improved your conversion rate?

Yes! It’s nice to wrap my head around their ideas and have a set of questions ready prior to my first phone call! 

Does the EBD save your business time?

EBD absolutely saves me time, which time is money!  EBD answers the first 10 minutes of questions I have from a customer off the streets. With a high volume of calls, this allows me to speak to more potential customers on a daily basis. 

Our thanks to Nick and his team at Midwest Erecting and Fabrication for sharing their experiences. If you’d like a one-on-one with Andy to see how Easy Building Designer can improve your sales, click here to schedule a video chat.

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