Keeping It Cozy: An Insulation Checklist

Some folks love the pitter patter of rain on a metal roof. To them, it’s a soothing sound, the kind that can help you feel drowsy and drift off to sleep. 

Other people? Other people find the banging of rain on the hard, steel surface of their metal roof to be maddening, the kind of repetitive, irritating repetition that’s liable to drive them to madness. 

Sound proofing is, of course, only one reason you will want to consider insulation in your new metal structure. For many of us, the current weather situation reminds of another, more urgent issue: keeping the temperature bearable inside when it’s intolerable outside! 

Not that cold is always bad, mind you. If that steel building houses things that need to stay cold, you’ll need insulation to keep the heat out in just a matter of months. 

We rounded up some of best practices for insulating a metal building. Each of these points should be considered before you pull the trigger on ordering your frame and sheeting. 

Choose the Right Type of Insulation. Will you go with fiberglass, spray foam, or reflective insulation? The purpose of your building, along with local codes and environmental considerations, will all factor into this decision. Each option has its distinct advantages, and what works for a cold storage facility is not necessarily the best option for your barndominium retreat by the lake. 

Where Is Insulation needed? Insulation isn’t just for roofs. Installing insulation in the walls and even under your flooring can help you better regulate internal temperatures. Again, it all goes back to your building’s purpose. 

Add Vapor Barriers. Metal buildings are prone to condensation. Including a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from collecting inside will reduce the likelihood of mold and rust.

Follow Proper Install Procedures. Don’t be “that” person who’s too cool to stop and read the manual. The insulation manufacturer included that booklet for a reason. Be sure to seal all cracks, openings, and connections using caulk or other recommended sealants. 

Consult with a Professional. Seriously, don’t be that person who’s afraid to ask questions. Sit down with potential installers or trustworthy suppliers. Share your plans for the building – not just the drawings but the building purpose. An expert can point you to the right materials while keeping you compliant with local codes. 

Remember Maintenance! You may not need to maintain insulation on a monthly or even yearly basis, but a wise building owner keeps a wary eye on everything. Keep your product manuals handy, and be prepared to address any issues that may arise. 

Insulation has a simple purpose. It keeps your house cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and quiet year round. Take the time to do your due diligence now, and you’ll enjoy your building in quiet comfort for years to come.

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