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One of the best things about Easy Building Designer is the time savings for you and your customer. Easy Building Designer eliminates the need for coordinating schedules. It cuts out the time spent going back and forth getting all the details right.  Your customer designs their building on their time. You respond on yours. It’s a modern solution for a busy, modern world.

Of course, not everyone is too busy to take time for a meeting. Not everyone prefers to interact with a screen rather than people. Some folks still prefer to buy and sell face to face. For those people we recommend… the Easy Building Designer.

The same tool that lets customers design a building on their phone or computer, with no interaction whatsoever, is also the perfect tool for person-to-person selling. You can capture your customer’s information, from the building specs to the jobsite address. You can tailor the building to their exact specifications. And you can show your customer, in real time, what the final building will look like using the 3D modeler.

While all of our customers appreciate the way Easy Building Designer collects leads 24/7, many of them tell us the same interface works as a direct selling tool. They can sit down with a customer at their office, at a trade show, or inside a customer’s home and work through the Easy Building Designer together. They can share their screen on a video call and let the customer dictate their dimensions, color choices, and other options. 

The same delight customers receive using the Easy Building Designer online happens in person. Watching their building come to life on screen allows them to visualize how that building will be used. Couple that experience with your personal sales touch, that building is as good as sold. 

Easy Building Designer is a win-win, no matter how you sell. Delight your customers online, any time. Or make time to delight them in person. The visualization tool works either way, giving your customer a vision not of a building, but all that building can become. That’s how you make closing the deal easy. 

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