Lead Generation Made Harder

Easy Building Designer is easy to use. It’s easy to set up, and it makes accumulating new leads very easy. Your Easy Building Designer is available 24 hours a day for PC, mobile, and even Mac. Potential customers use the 3D building modeler to design their perfect building. They submit their information. It arrives in your email box. Easy! 

Of course, some people don’t trust easy. They believe anything worth doing is worth putting in the effort, and if a thing is too easy, well, something’s wrong with it. For those who don’t want easy, we have the following suggestions: 

Create a text only form for quote requests. Forget the 3D models and full color images. Collect quote requests the old fashioned way: with a no frills, fill-in-the-blank form on your website. Make your customer use their imagination when deciding between Kentucky Blue or Powder Blue. Don’t forget to respond to their lead with a quote that’s devoid of any pictures too. 

Only accept quotes during office hours. Set your hours and stick to them. 8-5, with an hour off for lunch at noon. Or heck, make it 9 a.m. to noon. Give your customers three hours to submit quote requests and use the afternoon to respond. If a customer calls with a quote request after 1 p.m., tell them to call back tomorrow. And if you get done early, you can take the rest of the day off! 

Padlocks on the door are a non-confrontational way of saying, “Come back after lunch.”

Require all leads to be submitted in writing. Who needs a fill-in-the-blank form on their website when you can create a classic, fill-in-the-blank document using paper? Support the Dunder Mifflins of the world by requesting all information be written by hand and mailed to your physical address. Or better yet, require them to hand deliver their specs to your office during office hours. Don’t forget, you will be closed from noon to one every day for lunch! 

We’ve only scratched the surface on how to make lead generation difficult. Telegrams are still a possibility. Private couriers and messengers are still around. Or ask your customers to submit their design specs in Latin, Sanskrit, or some other ancient language. 

We wish all of you hard working lead generators nothing but the best. For the rest of you, keep using the Easy Building Designer.

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