Designing with Mezzanines

Cold Formed Steel building interior with a partial mezzanine.

The Easy Building Designer allows you to add a mezzanine to a building. Mezzanines are especially practical for barndominiums, barns, and storage lofts, any place where you might need a second story or additional storage space.

It’s important to have a plan for your mezzanine before you do the engineering on your building, as your purpose will determine how the mezzanine is installed. Here are a few questions to consider when you need a mezzanine in your building.

  • Is there room? Is your building tall enough to add a second floor? Is there room to move about without a normal-sized person hunching over? Make sure your building has plenty of head room above and below the mezzanine floor. 
  • Do you need a full second story or just a partial? A partial mezzanine is not a bad choice, especially for a barndominium. The area of the first floor without a mezzanine can enjoy a high ceiling and a more spacious living area. Now you can get that twelve foot Christmas tree you always wanted.
  • What’s it for? Is it a second story loft with a bedroom and possibly a bath? Will you need electrical and plumbing run to the second floor? Will you be using it for storage? If so, how heavy will the loads be?
  • How will you access the loft? Knowing the purpose of your loft will determine if you need stairs, an access ladder, or other means to reach the second floor.

The superior strength of steel buildings makes them ideal for many functions, including multi-story buildings. Easy Building Designer makes visualizing your multi-story building easy. 

Cold Formed Steel building interior with a partial mezzanine.
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