Props Make Buildings Easy… And Fun!

Add props to your steel building design on the Easy Building Designer.

Easy Building Designer gives your clients all the tools they need to design the perfect building. They can set their measurements with precision using the Dimensions tab on the left or by manipulating the model. They can adjust their colors, selecting from a range of options that you create. They can add doors and windows precisely where they want them. They can add mezzanines and lean-tos, if you allow those options. And they can select super cool props including dirt bikes and snowmobiles to add to their finished model.

Hold on. Go back a moment. Did we just use the words super cool, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles?

A stodgy, no graphics form that covers the basics of building geometry will get you a quote on a building. No frills, no fuss, here’s your price. EBD understands that the buildings you sell will have their own personality. Whether it’s a storage shed for big toys, a shop for working on cars, a man cave, a she shed, or a barndominium, the steel building you quote will be an extension of the person who designs it.

Is it necessary to see what a motorcycle will look like inside a steel building? No. Do you need to see a big rig tractor trailer parked next to a warehouse for scale before you buy? Not really.

Is it fun adding props to a building? Do they make the experience memorable? Will it increase your chances of making the sale? It will, according to one early EBD user. “I was not sure initially, but the customers love them. Anyone who has gone to the trouble of adding a prop is going to buy the building.” 

See for yourself. Add some props to your next building. Make sure the door’s tall enough for that camper, and double check you can get that snowmobile collection in the lean-to space with room to spare.

Easy Building Designer makes designing buildings easy… and fun.

Add props to your steel building design on the Easy Building Designer.
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